Lindsay Lohan’s Courtroom Drama

In sending Lindsay Lohan to jail, the judge said  she  might behave better after seeing "how truly needy women ... have to live."

Image credit: Alan Duke

Lindsay Lohan appeared in court today for what seems like the thousandth time this year.

She was sentenced to 120 days in jail until her lawyer made an appeal and posted a $75,000 bond for her to be temporarily freed.

Her brushes with the law have been very publicized and all of these offenses make me wonder something. How many times does she have to drive drunk, violate her probation and steal expensive necklaces before she actually has to face up to her crimes? I probably sound like an extremely cynical person, but it seems to me that her money gets her out of a lot of jams. I know the justice system is not perfect, and we have many brilliant and hard-working people striving to make sure it remains fair and balanced, but what does this entire mess say to a generation of young people?

It reminds me of my three-year-old when she hits her sister and thinks she can avoid a timeout. What happens when my little daughter avoids punishment?

It somehow teaches her she can do whatever she wants.

Punishment is a necessary and healthy part of life. Without it, we’d all be a wreck.


2 responses to “Lindsay Lohan’s Courtroom Drama

  • mshoults

    If anyone is in need of a PR makeover, it’s Lindsay Lohan. And just getting a slap on the wrist isn’t helping her image one bit. If she never has sufficient consequences for her actions, she’ll just slide back into her old ways. The court system treats everyone else like a criminal if they commit a crime. Why should she be an exception?

  • staciapearl

    You are very right. A lot of these celebrities think that they have special rights or live in another world. They must bare the consequences for their actions and also keep in mind that they must be careful with their actions. Many people, such as kids, are watching and take after their example. If there are no consequences, this can portray a wrong image to the youth. Love your input. Well said!

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