When having a virus is a good thing….

These days when a person says something is viral, it is automatically recognized as a good thing.

Why? Do you ask?

Well, in today’s world of computers and world wide webs, a video or post is “viral” when it is wildly popular and draws millions and millions of views. These links gain so much attention that people and advertisers, alike, flock to them because of their amazing ability to “infect” millions of people in a matter of hours.

One of the most popular of these videos on youtube is known as David after Dentist, which is a hilarious video taken by a father of his son right after oral surgery (and the drugs that come along with it). What makes this video so infectious is its humor and its relatability. People see a video of this nature and not only laugh hysterically, but appreciate the experience so much more because it comes from a normal, everyday family.

One of my personal favorites is the Numa Numa guy. This video got over 13 million hits because it is of a normal guy who just lets loose and has fun with some music and his computer. The two elements of a viral video listed above are clearly present with the Numa Numa guy. He’s HILARIOUS and totally relatable. Who, in a moment of privacy and hilarity, hasn’t let loose and danced like a crazy person just because they could?

Another great viral video is the Muppets rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. This video takes memorable characters from our childhood and places them in a spoof-type video of one of the best songs of all time! This video appeals to adults and children, making it another viral success at almost 19 million views.

In our culture of youtube, I am sure that we’ve only seen the beginning of viral videos. More are being posted daily, and they have the ability to reach every person with a web connection. Their power is difficult to predict, and the beauty is, anyone can do it.


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