Tracking my blog comments

1. Excel in Life? Why not?   Chelsey Lynn (2-2-11)


Autumn inspires me. I can’t imagine having such a demanding school schedule coupled with such a commitment to the tennis program at Southeastern. This is a great way to publicize the huge faith and work ethic of our fellow students. I believe she is in one of my classes. Our generation of believers has something very special inside of them. I don’t know how long we will be on this planet, but we are known for making every moment count.

2.  An Everyday “Whitness” Whitney Gonzalez (2-2-11)


 What a great opportunity! This event created a lot of positive buzz around campus and I can only assume that is because of the efforts of students like you. I had a Film class at the time of the concert and we were excited to leave in order to go to the concert. I love the opportunities available to us as students at this University. As communications students we have many events that we can get involved with. Mark Lowry is an exciting performer and I’m sure that experience will help you in the future that you create for yourself. Wonderful!

3.  Blogs and comments Stacia Benoit (2-2-11)


  This blog is fantastic. I love how blog comments are compared to a classroom of students. I have been in classes that were filled with very intellegent people who were talkative and ready to contribute. These experiences were fun, and as you put it, they added to my learning and made it even better. I have also been in classes that were the exact opposite. Whether a class is small or not is secondary. Sometimes students just about refuse to inject their opinion. These one-sided exchanges are boring and not worth the time. Our emerging social media is similar. Creating a healthy, wise, two-way conversation online is very important as well.

4.  So many social networks, so little time. Tara Schwartz (2-2-11)


 I too am a little daunted by all the networking that is out there. There are so many sites and so little time to even absorb all of the information. In the past I have only used major sites like facebook and youtube, but with this class I am being challenged more now than ever to stretch myself to learn and use even more. I can’t help but be overwhelmed, but like you, I can see the benefit of these tools like when we decide to begin our careers. Great post.

5.  The Importance of Blog Comments Melanie Shoults (2-2-11)


Melanie, this post was incredible. I love the way you bring truth with refreshing humor. I agree with you when it comes to people losing all credibility when punctuation and grammar are not correct. In today’s web-based society, we have so much information at our FINGERTIPS. There is no excuse for careless and misguided comments. People who choose to contribute need to do so in a respectful and wise posture. I think with the emergence of social websites, we sometimes forget that real people are impacted by what we post. I appreciate the guidelines very much because of this danger. Thanks for the great read.

6. Monitoring Social Media, acceptable or uncalled for?  Mike Trivett (2-11-11)


 I like how you brought up the fact that some people try to compartmentalize their comments from different websites. I have seen people say things on facebook that are inappropriate, then get upset when their employers discover such things. I personally don’t believe that social media monitoring is unethical, I just believe that people should guard their tongues. In my opinion, the moment something hits the web, it’s public domain. If one doesn’t want something going public,  they should write it down on paper, not on a web page.

 7. Privacy is a Hot Commodity  Chelsey Lynn (2-11-11)


I completely agree with you, Chelsey. I love it when I see an ad on facebook that is tailored to my interests. For example, I had an ad the other day for Johnny Depp movies, and where did the advertisers get that information? From my facebook info page. I understand that big brother is looking over my shoulder, but hey, if I can benefit from that, bring it on. Great post.

8. Do YOU hate the State Farm guy? Melanie Shoults (2-11-11)


I honestly was surprised by everyone’s “issue” with the State Farm guy. I always like those commercials. Now I’m kinda wondering if there’s something I’m not seeing. I don’t know. Because of all the awesome Progressive, Geico and Allstate commercials out there they had to do something. I mean, I’m a State Farm customer but every time I see an Allstate commercial I laugh hyterically. The question should be, is all this hype actually resulting in negative returns for State Farm, or is it just talk? I’d be interested to find out.

9. Podcasting made useful  Mike Trivett (3-18-11)


This was a great blog to introduce the concept of podcasting to people who may not be familiar with it. Your blog makes it easy to understand and much less intimidating to someone who might be trying this technology for the first time. My favorite type of podcasting is sermons from familiar churches, but after reading your post I might try other genres.

10. 4 Tips to Creating a Great Podcast  Melanie Shoults (3-18-11)


When I was reading your tips for creating a great podcast, I was reminded of one particular podcast that I listened to not too long ago. You are so right about sound quality. Even though the content of that podcast was great, I lost respect and interest in the presentation because of a lack of sound excellence. Great advice.

11. Food Photography Not so Appetizing  Lindsay Short (3-18-11)


I love the way that man in your blog waxed poetic about advertised french fries. Freed from purgatory? That’s excellent. There have been several times I’ve visited McDonalds for their famous french fries and have been reminded that those amazing pictures I see on television are completely unreal. Marketers are smart. They know we’ll fall for the shoe polish…that or whatever nasty fake substance they decide to use to make food look irresistible.

12. Podcast It Chelsey Lynn (3-18-11)


This post brings up an interesting question I’ve had for a while considering all of the resources we have available for free these days through the internet. How are these new advantages beneficial (or detrimental) to our economy? Having free access to professionals in our field is an incredible resource, but who is losing here? Services that were once ridiculously expensive are now free. I think this is great, but I wonder if there’s a downside.

13. Why working from your E-mail Inbox is a Terrible Idea  Jessica Stillman (PR pro) (3-18-11)


As a student of PR and all things social media, this is terrific advice at just the right time. Being informed on all of these resources, it seemed like a great idea to keep my life focused on my inbox. In an ideal world, I would get more accomplished. I think the point is becoming realistic in a world that moves too fast for us to keep current. My brain doesn’t work like a computer. Priorities are so important, and it’s difficult to keep them strait when I’m constantly bombarded with information.

Thanks for the tips!

14. What Makes People Cheat Kimberly Weisul (PR pro) (3-18-11)


I believe that life in general (if it is to be successful) is based on the fear of consequences. We’d like to admit that this is not the case, but even the most “righteous” individuals in our society make their choices within the framework of a punitive environment. It’s my opinion that if these conditions did not exist in society, we would quickly destroy ourselves. This doesn’t sound very comforting, but it’s true nonetheless.

15. Key to Success? Stop Being So Cheerful  Suzanne Lucas (PR pro) (3-18-11)


Great point about quality vs. quantity. You’re right, who is to say which is better? Some people live for 100 years and have never truly experienced one moment that took their breath away. It’s one thing to be responsible, it’s another to miss out on life altogether because you’re too afraid to take risks. To each his/her own. For me personally, I’d like a taste of both…a little responsibility mixed with a touch of crazy.

16. Super Bowl Ad Stacia Benoit (4-23-11)


I do agree and sympathize with your concern, Stacia. I believe that our televised culture is very brazen in their attempts to get the public’s attention. What do we as believers do about that? I don’t know. I don’t know how we can positively change these kinds of problems. Most of the time we just turn the other way and pretend it’s not happening. A focus on Biblical truth is more important than ever.

17. EGYPT—Total Chaos Cress Bost (4-23-11) 


The situation inEgyptwas scary for the whole world and I believe that it has served as a catalyst for change in theMiddle East. The violence and upheaval inEgypthas started uprisings in several other countries in the region. I don’t quite understand the impact yet, but I’m fairly certain that we’ve only seen the beginning.

18.  Topic of the Week 8 Elijah Gil (4-23-11)


I agree that video podcasting is a great way to “change it up” for a business. Replacing text with video is a fantastic way to catch attention in a way that text cannot. Businesses who embrace this technology are so far ahead of others who are too afraid to expand to something new. I agree though, it is wise to understand what it will take to commit to such a task. Podcasting is helpful only when it is done well.

19. Podcast? What for? Whitney Gonzalez (4-23-11)


Whitney, I love your suggestions about podcasts. I do agree that it is so helpful for us to be tuned in to what professionals in our field are talking about and interested in. This is a terrific and pain-free way of staying current with our career focus. I’m not sure I want to give up all of my time with music in the car, but it is a perfect time to listen to podcasts and learn great new information.

20.  Jessica Alba wears Spanx? Chelsey Lynn (4-23-11) 


This idea of shaping a woman’s form under her clothes is so GREAT! Ha, I find it humorous that a woman who has a perfectly tone body would even feel the need to wear something like Spanx. Aren’t things like these for all of us normal people? You know, all of us who can’t afford personal trainers and day-long yoga sessions? Thanks for the heads-up. I’m going to get me some!

21. What is Foursquare?? Stephen Ponce (4-23-11)


This is a really well-written post. I did not know what Foursquare was until I took our Social Media course, and your post describes it very well. I also like the benefits of Foursquare. I love to see where my friends like to hang out, and I love to know about new businesses that I might enjoy in the future. I’m usually a little timid when it comes to new platforms, but this one sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

22. Show Me the Funny! Tara Schwartz (4-23-11)


You are so right,Tara. I never thought ofAmerica’s Funniest Home Videos as the precursor to viral videos on youtube. That is so true. I think it’s funny that I was one of those people who learned more about the presidential candidates from SNL than other news sources. I think sometimes we just want to be entertained by our problems rather than constantly stressing about them.

23. Viral Videos Lindsay Short (4-23-11)


I have never seen the “Blood” video before! I think the parent and child videos are so successful as viral videos is because so many parents (and children) can relate in some way. I know as a mother of two small children, they do say and do some hair-brained things at times. I love that our modern technology can help us to share these awesome moments with each other. Priceless.

Now I can’t get that kid’s voice out of my head. So funny.

24. How to Create an Awesome Powerpoint Presentation Melanie Shoults (4-23-11)


I loved this post. I am one of those students who is still gaining control of her presentational skills, which is why this post was so fantastic. When I first glanced at the slideshare presentation I said to myself, “Gee, there are 65 slides there. That might take me forever…oh, why not.” It was genius. I love how the presentation literally spoke to me. It was like her voice was in my head and she was personally giving me tips. That’s a great way to learn how to present in an effective way.

25. Business and the Benefits of using Podcasts Mike Trivett (4-23-11)


There are some really great tips here for podcasting. I do agree that podcasting is one of those tools that is underrated. We can benefit so much from all of the free information that is at our fingertips if we only subscribe to several RSS feeds that interest us. For this class I created my own podcast and I discovered how relatively easy it is to get involved. I want to become more familiar with this form of communication.


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